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friends only!

This place will be friends only from now on.
I'm not going to be nazi on this so ... just drop me a line here and I'll add you back ^^ , expecially if we share some interests.
Feel free to contact me, send a message, email, pigeon, whatever..

japanophile? ADD ME NOW!

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will you please consider me...... if you don't i could always go harm myself in inventive ways and mail you the pictures... hell, i joined livejournal just to be a little closer.................

heartshugsand love,

ehehe..add me too ;)
Join the first Daveigh Chase Community!

Tell people about it. It was just created.
a valid reason? Oo
i really don't know...
i'm mushi XD
fatto ^^
ah, una ragione valida? questa è difficile... anche perchè non ti conosco [almeno, non credo] e tu non conosci me. e poi io non ho mai ragioni valide... è che mi ha trascinata qui la tua avatar del bel miyavone. poi ho guardato gli interessi e ho detto, uh, una ragazza italiana a cui piace il jrock, poi ho guardato meglio e ho visto che abbiamo pre una LJ friend in comune.. [il mondo è piccolo eh?]... e quindi ho pensato bene di chiederti se ti va di diventare lj friends.

smiao smiao.
yay another myv's otaku!!!! ^^

aggiunta ^^
haha, thankies ^^

ti ho aggiunta anche io alla lista ^__^
hey veronika, my favorite italien.
i added you to my friends list, and urge you to do the same, not that i have much to say, but i am curious as to how you are doing...

- Tchort
dennis ^^ wleocme back to lj-land ^^


err.. i meant welcome -_-
Let me be your friend?
Hi there. I'm Scarlet from SHH.
I was hoping you would add me... my LJ is kind of boring, but if you want to read it I'll gladly add you too. :)
hey ! ^^
i'm glad you contacted me :D :D i think we share a lot of interests ^^ !!!

consider yourself added *eeeh me journal is Very Boring !!! *

YAY! Thanks dearie!
No, MY journal is completely boring! You can't be as boring as I am! :P

Thanks for adding me!


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

beddazza mi addi? XD
Hey I came across your profile via the asian_horror community. You seem like a fun person and it looks like we have a lot in common. I hope you don't mind me adding you!
^^ yay
thanks for adding me ^^
It's a pleasure to meet new interesting peoples like you ^^

*adds her*


Deleted comment

That's my fave movie ever ^^
glad to meet another fan :)
I've added you too ^^ and thanks :D

*too bad I can't read almost anything with your alphabet hehe*

Ciao. We have some interests in common. Asian Horror, Japan, plus I've spent half a year trying to figure out SL (for my thesis). Add?
sure, added
We seem to have a lot of interests! You wouldn't mind adding me would you?
of course ^^
I'm adding you as well :)
I don't update this place that often anymore but hey, still alive XD