silent memories

5 May 1981
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all about me

My name is Veronika, but friends call me V or Vero. I'm 29 years old and I'm
a journalist and a writer, photographer and visual artist. I manage many sites and communities and various online projects. I own a gallery over at DeviantArt and planning to show my works offline also. I'm currently
living in Italy, I was born and raised here, but contemplating a move to either UK,
Australia or possibly Japan.

I have a million iterests and hobbies. You can see it from my page here or other online
profiles I have. I'm obsessed with asian horror movies and also asian culture in general,
expecially korean and japanese ones. I'm into music and various other forms of art. I'm a
Second Life resident (Veronika Obviate), but I kinda abandoned the place. I play various online games, the main being Aion and Megaten. Space lacks, so come on and add
me. This LJ is friends only but I usually add everyone, just message me somewhere.

Thanks...and... namaste!


We fought the
infection. We survived the apocalypse. And now, we face extinction.
-- Alice (RE: Extinction)

80s music, abandoned places, absinthe, acid android, aion, akira yamaoka, akuma de soro, alchemilla hospital, alice in wonderland, alien, ancient egypt, angel sanctuary, asian horror, astral projection, asylums, australia, ayashi no ceres, bai ling, banana yoshimoto, bjd dolls, broken dolls, candles, carnivale, charlie clouser, chris cunningham, code geass, cyberculture, danny lohner, david bowie, death note, despair's ray, dianne arbus, dir en grey, dolls, e.a.poe, eyeliner, family guy, famke janssen, fatal frame, final fantasy, floria sigismondi, forbidden siren, freddie mercury, fruits basket, futurama, gackt, ghosts, gregor schneider, h r giger, h. p. lovecraft, h.naoto, haruki murakami, hideo nakata, house of leaves, hyde, industrial, industrial archaeology, infiltration, japan, japanese culture, japanese horror, joel peter witkin, jrock, ju-on, kill bill, kim hee chul, korea, l, l'arc~en~ciel, lakeside amusement park, lestat, lewis carrol, liprings, lost, loveless, m. z. danielewski, malice mizer, marilyn manson, massive attack, matsuyama ken'ichi, matthew fox, megaten, mian mian, my name is earl, nana, naruto, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, old amusement parks, old medical equipment, old porcelain dolls, panda bears, pandora's hearts, paranormal investigation, paris, pauley perrette, photography, posthuman, pyramid head, rammstein, resident evil, robin finck, rocky horror picture show, room#number, sadako, saint ange, samara, second life, sephiroth, seven of nine, silent hill, skinny puppy, star trek, stargate, takashi miike, tim robbins, tokyo, trent reznor, twin peaks, unheimlich, vampires, vamps, videogames, visual kei, volks, voyager, william gibson, x-files, 一朗-ichiro-, 雅-miyavi-